Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Before Unadilla

Look at the view from this rest area in New York. Absolutely beautiful. Mostly for the scenery and the rest due to the fact that we were NOT sitting in an interstate parking lot. One parking was due to a horrific accident involving an overturned minivan. Cracked windshield, toys strewn all over outside the van. Not good. The next one was due to the fact that an amazing amount of semi's had troubles getting up interstate 81 before Hazelton. One actually stalled. The others moved oh so slowly. The last was due to a car fire. We then got off of the interstate before Sidney and Unadilla due to road construction. I was the only one excited in the car because I have people who read me that live in this area.
We pulled into Rutland Vermont at 9:30 which gave us plenty of time to eat at husband's and s2's favorite steak restaurant.
Anyway, thought that I would share the beautiful photo with you. Posted by Picasa


east village idiot said...

I love your photos. You're trip looks fabulous. I don't know where in NY those places are but they look like paradise.

jodi said...
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jodi said...

We are in New Hampshire, roasting without AC and surviving storms (and combating a few rodents who love it when we or anyone else moves in.)