Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Next Event

We came home to a house still standing and all the pets happy. No rain while we were gone and I forgot to tell S1 to water the plants. Everything is dead and the front lawn is turning brown.

The inside of the house which had been left in okay condition is in shambles at the moment. S1 has taken over parts of 3 rooms with college stuff and we still have a list of stuff to get. Oh, and he wants to go on Wednesday!! I am breathing deep and not panicing yet. I have been working on wash today, gave S1 a refresher course on how to wash clothes. Bought groceries. Got stuff for me for the beginning of the school year (when you live 30 minutes from town you run multiple errands), got S2 lunch at his favorite diner, (little food in the house), have started to clean out the fridge (why I'm blogging now - there were some things in there . . .) and we have flies in the kitchen. Nothing dead, nothing dying, nothing left out to rot. I can't figure it out.
But they are better than mice . . . to a certain degree.

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