Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Tree Falls (or indelicately put A Crap Your Pants Moment)


We made it from the pond to the cabin ahead of the storm which was better than the last one where we got wet. The rain came down in torrents and we heard a slow cracking sound and then the tree fell. It is huge and I'm hoping that the photo does it some kind of justice. It went between our cabin and another. Pulled down electric lines though we still have juice. One of the main trees at the pond also fell down. Tomorrow and tomorrow night 60% chance of storms. Oh joy. Posted by Picasa

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east village idiot said...

Wow. I have yet to experience a huge tree collapsing. Although for a time I lived in an area with huge old trees surrounding my home.

Maybe I should send our new york city snake up there to rid you of your rodent problems. He'd probably get them addicted to crack.