Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back on Track

A new school year has begun and I have survived a week of preparation and open houses (yes plural). I have seen over 30 children and hope that I will remember half of the names come Tuesday. Thank goodness for name tags.

We survived the tropical storm. It was bad enough for the schools to close early but not bad enough that the rain came under the garage door or flooded the window sills.
I did remark to husband that we have had more hurricane/tropical storms here than we had during our time in Florida.

Tonight I have a gaggle of teenagers in the house. Just hanging out. Til 11. No later. I have had my afternoon nap so I can properly supervise. I have also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and 2 (YES 2) are left. They were just put out half an hour ago!!!! And they weren't very nice looking either. Go figure.

Tonight I got to see Mr. Smith Goes To Washington for the first time. I love the movie but the ending reminded me of something from Perry Mason. The kind where the bad guys conscience gets to him and he just can't stand it anymore so he confesses. Still a good movie though. Jimmy Stewart was excellant. So naive it made me cringe.

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