Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a Marshmallow World In the Winter


But when you are the only one left at work it's a little boring. County/City schools were on a regular schedule. Husband had me take his car to work. Arrive at work to find that we will close after 90 minutes. Realize that his sports car and I will not be able to get home safely. Call husband and tell him to come get me in 90 minutes. Change mind and say Come get me now. Roads are bad and it will take you awhile. Tell S2 NOT to go to school. Do NOT drive. School cancels for everyone. Coworkers go home. Husband calls, borrowing someone's cell phone to say that there is a wreck and he is not moving but for me NOT to move. I have place to self but all rooms locked but one. Take pictures, read, pace room . . . Husband comes after 2 hours (regularly a 25 minute drive). It takes an hour to get home. Roads are icy. School system (that we all depend on) says that they did not cancel snow as the administration went with the weather projection of 1-2 inches. And did not think it would be that bad. Every school system around us closed. Growl.
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