Sunday, February 03, 2008

For my dad and anyone else who is wondering.

Since the weather is warm today I checked my beehive. When I looked about a month or so ago there was a little concern. Did not look like many bees at all but I was hoping that they were all in the bottom super in the burr comb that I did not have the heart to clean out last year.

1000's today. Could not believe it. I still have capped honey in the upper (3rd) super. The bees are very active in the bottom one. Am feeling better about the situation but will still start another hive. I hate to hinge all of my hopes on one and having a second one does not seem too greedy.

Feeding will start soon. I have learned from some of my mistakes from last year that will hopefully help with the second hive and maybe this year I will have some honey.

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east village idiot said...

What great news. Hey - I'm totally interested in these hive updates!