Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So It's 30 year Reunion Time

Talking to my youngest the other day I mentioned how I don't remember a lot of my highschool days. His reply "I cannot remember fast enough!!" Anyway . . .

My husband graduated the same year that I did and his class of over 700 is planning a lovely reunion at the beach of the town that he gew up in. It's a Friday night/Saturday affair with drinks and appetizers the first night and family time on Saturday morning. Saturday evening there will be a fancy dinner. We are unable to attend but I can feel the salt spray of the ocean and see little candles on the tables with subdued music. White table linens and people who smell of fresh air and sunshine - with a little perfume thrown in.

The school that I graduated from is not having a reunion. All of the classes get together and have a picnic every year. Not a lot of spirit there but it seems many of us live up and down the east coast and probably will not attend due to distance and previously scheduled vacations.

The high school that I started out at is the one I remember the most. I had been with these kids from kindergarten through the middle of my junior year. That reunion will be held at a local beer hall with a band playing. For $25 you get beer, pizza and pop. There will also be a tent and the lights to the volleyball court will be on.

We are unable to attend any of the events but I'm amazed at how different they will be. Florida, California and Western New York. Each one of them fits the area that they will be held in perfectly and that I find quite interesting.
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Jane said...

I'm very familiar western NY. I went to school in Rochester until we moved to NJ my senior year. I started life in Brighton and went to middle and high school in Penfield. My dh lived in Penfield and moved to California after college. Could it be a small world situation here?

jodi said...

Unfortunately no :-( I lived in Niagara Falls, about 2 blocks distance from the reservoir/Indian reservation and about 10 minutes away from Canada.