Friday, August 12, 2005

Last day

Finally it seems like the heat wave has left. No more mice this week in Cabin 2(well after the big cleanout on Saturday evening). We found a mouse nest in the silverware drawer and I had the husband clean it out after while I was disinfecting everything. Did hear new noises coming from underneath the cabin but think that it's a family of chipmunks. They can be as bad as mice but are cuter and do run better when I scream.

The kids have gone to a corn maze.


canary said...

It is hot here in Nova Scotia too. I sympathise with your mouse problem. Can you borrow a cat? Canary suggesting that! :-)

jodi said...


I have thought about taking the mean cat (the one who catches mice AND snakes) but we have a small car and barely room to bring back a 6 foot tall teenager.