Thursday, December 08, 2005

November 8th

This year has been a scary/sad one. My dad had his bladder removed due to cancer, his older brother was in a nursing home in terrible health and one of his younger brothers was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer right at the time that Peter Jennings died of the same disease. Dad is doing fine now and the younger brother seems to be doing better. The oldest brother died on Monday and will be buried back in our home town on Saturday.

Uncle L was VERY funny which is a trait that seems to run on both sides of my family and is very apparant during family gatherings. The last time that we saw him was when he and my aunt came to S2's baptism party 14 years ago. After that they moved to the opposite side of the country about the time we headed north. My two biggest memories were of him trying to get me to eat Winter Squash at a Thanksgiving dinner and going with he and his family to the drive in when I was 5 or 6.

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