Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why I Like My Job

Yesterday I read the story Little Pea to a group of very active boys (10 in all) ranging from 2- mostly 4 and 5. For those of you who don't know, Little Pea is about a garden pea who is made to eat candy by his parents and he HATES it. He begrudgingly eats the 5 pieces that his parents request of him in order to get his dessert which is SPINACH!! In the middle of the book, when there was a description of the kind of candy the pea had to eat and how he hated eating it (with sound effects) there was not a peep in the room. When spinach was revealed as the food of choice it was such a tension breaker. The room erupted in guffaws and lots of other noise. SPINACH. How could anything prefer that over candy. The reaction was absolutely priceless.

Today one of my special needs children had an interaction with another student for the first time. This particular child always plays by himself or interacts with adults. The other student was shocked and so were we. August - January has seemed like a long wait for this and we are so pleased.

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