Saturday, March 25, 2006

Conference and Cake

Yesterday was spent with several coworkers attending conferences for our jobs at the big city down the road. We left at 6:15 in the morning. Yes 6:15 which meant get up at 5. Luckily I didn't have to drive as I had been up late the night before making sure that S2 was ready for his big weekend adventure (band trip) to Williamsburg. The cutest part was his asking me to buy him "enviable snacks". This coming from a 15 year old. Enviable snacks are of course the ones that everyone else wishes that they had brought. Don't know how enviable they are but I sure sent more than enough for a 3 day weekend.

But I digress.

The conference was good. The best lecture was from a man from Virginia Commonwealth University who spoke on autism. I had two autistic children this year. One has moved on to the place that can help him more. The other has an aide that comes about 40% of the time. The gentleman was a fantastic speaker but the most interesting thing to learn was how progressive our city is towards autism. I knew that it was but I expected other cities in the commonwealth to be the same, thinking that surely everyone in the state was on the same page. Not so. Some doctors still refuse to diagnose the children early. Some cities have not updated their services that they offer (through the public schools). We are very lucky in that some of our public schools have preschools for the special needs child in them. It is free, one just has to have their child evaluated to see if it's better to have an aide in another preschool or to go to one of theirs.

The other two lectures that I went to were on behavior/discipline and making things cheaply. Both excellant and I will be posting the making things on the Projects Completed (which is sorely lacking in projects completed) website when I finish them.

This post is way too long so will write about the cake later.

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