Thursday, May 25, 2006

Standing Up For Oneself

Today I received a very generous gift card from the local mall. It's like a credit card.
I needed a new blender. Yes, the boys did give me one for Mother's Day but it was plastic and someone (not the boys or me) that shall remain nameless put the plastic (Do Not Put This Blender In the Dishwasher said the sign) blender into the dishwasher.
So after work I took my card over to the mall, went to a major store that sells kitchen stuff and found a blender that I could live with that is glass (it still looks cheap though so we will see how long it lasts). I took the blender up to the cashier and handed her my mall credit card and she informed me that ----- did not buy into that program and they could not honor my card. But they could honor it if she could put the balance onto a ----- gift card. But, I politely informed her, I may want to spend the rest of the money somewhere else. At that time she mentioned that maybe she could leave some of the money on the gift card but at least half the balance had to be on the ----- card. Are you confused? I certainly was though I knew what she was trying to do.
I left the blender and the saleswoman and went to the mall business office. Told the woman in charge about it who informed me that the cashier was sadly mistaken. She then called the manager of ----- who not only met me at the entrance to the store, but apoligized, rang up my purchase using the mall card and informed me that he was going to retrain that particular cashier (yes I did get her name) immediately.

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