Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Local Fireworks

Someone near us has fireworks. I'm not talking about the ones that you can shoot out of a plastic pipe and watch a little light show in the sky (very illegal here).
This was a full blown shell judging by the light show that I saw above the tree line (could also hear the shell as it made the whoommp noise before it exploded). I could not believe it and though I can kind of guess who's house it was at it could be be one of 5 or so. As they didn't shoot off another one that night the police could not be called. These people are nuts. Posted by Picasa

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jo(e) said...

During the week of July 4th, I camp on the border between the US and Canada. It's really easy to bring fireworks over the border. Usually I can hear so much noise from illegal fireworks that it feels the front lines of a war. I always get this uneasy feeling that we've attacked Canada ....