Thursday, August 10, 2006

Side Tidbits

Last week we went to a diner in a nearby town for breakfast. Food was okay. The service was typical diner - like having your mom wait on you. A couple of hours after we ate and left a swat team plus a variety of law enforcement descended on that tiny little town. A 16 year old was holding hostages in the bank with a shotgun. His only demand was to talk to his mental health counselor. He did not want money.

Yesterday, an elderly woman was turning into the driveway of where I'm staying and was moving very slowly. A bicycle was coming down the hill and the rider decided to pass the elderly lady on the right as the she (the rider) could not stop. You guessed it. A collision. About 20 yards or so from where I was sitting. The bicycle was fine. The bike rider fell on her head and cracked her helmet. You should have heard the sound that the crack made. WEAR YOUR HELMETS!! She seemed to be fine but with the crack in the helmet the emergency people insisted that she go to the hospital. The interesting part was that it took almost 45 minutes to an hour for a police car to come - with lights blazing. (Arrived after the emergency vehicles had left). Glad that it was not serious.

And Last - I woke up, got out of bed and saw a mouse doing slow circles in the bathroom. We only have one bathroom. I woke husband up and after explaining the situation went to use the woods. He got a fly swatter a disposed of the creature.


east village idiot said...

Okay - this is it!! Where the heck are you vacationing!? Mice, bank robberies, bikers flying over cars...wait a minute...are you in NYC?

jodi said...

We were in Lyme New Hampshire.