Sunday, September 24, 2006

Everyone Passes

or will next year at S2's high school. Grades will be given on a 10 point grading scale instead of the current 7 point grading scale and failure is NOT an option. Don't give a damn, well, you will be passed somehow. I cannot believe that diluting the curriculum/grades will make the children any smarter, it will just look better on school assessments. Next year an asterik should be put next to grades. ***This years grades diluted to make us all feel better.


east village idiot said...

How is that possible? How can someone not fail a class. It sounds like social promotion - a specialty here in NYC when you don't want to deal with children who have problems.

jodi said...

I don't know. Will find out more when it goes into effect next year. Part of me says that it's awful but if it went in effect this year I'd be estatic as it would help my own child out as far as easier to get better grades. Which makes me a hypocrite I guess.