Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Are Your Weekend Plans

In our little metropolis the fun never ends. This weekend there is supposed to be a rock (?) concert in town by a famous local band. AND there is family fun day at a local furniture store. If your child is one of the first 100 children to visit they get a free tee shirt. (S2 has politely declined by the way.) What would you do at a furniture store that the family could enjoy? Jump on the bed contests?!!


east village idiot said...

This weekend I will be moving some stuff into a storage place a few blocks away. I've never done that before. A 4x4x8 space is $116 a month.

jodi said...

4X4X8 isn't very big. Your organizational/throwing out skills must be good though if this is the first time you have rented space. Looking at my junk that doesn't sound like a bad idea :-)