Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year and Random Comments On Thoughts I've Had Lately

Happy New Year to all of you. May you be safe, healthy and happy.

I talked to my aunt the other night. She is the one with breast, bone and ??? cancer. My uncle has lung cancer. Today is their 23 wedding anniversary. The 27Th was the anniversary of her first chemo treatment and earlier this month was her birthday. She never expected to live this long. In the spring she will have another grandchild and my uncle will have two more great grandchildren. Life is still good.

A few years ago I wrote to the author Jeanne Marie Laskas after seeing something of hers in the paper that I thought that I would comment on. I never expected a reply. Authors are busy people, I thought. And plus they probably get more email or letters than they can possibly deal with. Imagine my shock when she did answer my email with an in depth answer.

I did not realize how important comments to an author were until I started my own blog. Writing a comment to other bloggers was hard as it took some practice to get all of what I wanted to say into a few coherent sentences.

The first comment that I received was from "house of all sorts". It took me totally by surprise. Since then I have received more (and emails from my family). They are greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you have to write in the new year and leaving comments. Thanks to all of you who let the rest of us glimpse a tiny part of your lives. I feel honored to do so.

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east village idiot said...

I remember you mentioning your uncle.And now to learn that his wife is ill as well. is precious. I pray that they have many many more years ahead of them.