Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Vertigo - Movie Review

I received a movie subscription for Christmas and the first one that I wanted to see was Vertigo. I love Rear Window and figured that Jimmy Stewart would be great in another Hitchcock film.

I was wrong. Kim Novak was beautiful in this movie but the way her character let men manipulate her was appalling. Barbara Bel Geddes was beautiful also and her character was interesting. Was she just smart to not have originally married Stewart though she pined for him later or was she (thankfully for her) too self absorbed?

Why was Stewart driving on the wrong side of the road near the end of the movie? It didn't make sense. The movie was supposed to be a love story, but it was flat. The characters did not pull at my heart strings and I found that I didn't care any more about them by the end of the movie than I did at the beginning.


east village idiot said...

I loved rear window too. I saw Vertigo in college - Kim Novak didn't do anything for me in that film. It was okay - but I felt the same way you did. I just watched the movie Harvey the other night (another Jimmy Stewart flick) I must say that I liked it very much -- also the Carey Grant film Arsenic and Old Lace -- really funny.

jodi said...

Has your son seen Arsenic and Old Lace? I introduced it to my boys years ago and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

east village idiot said...

Yes - we just rented it a few weeks ago and he loved it. My brother performed in the play in summer stock many many years ago - it's great on stage as well!