Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's 5:46 am

and you wonder why this is noteworthy?
I went to bed about 11. At 4 Sport HAD to go out and I was too sleepy (lazy if you must) to drag him downstairs and put (throw) him out the front door. So I opened the window and let him carefully go across the remaining ice on the roof and jump to the tree, which is his usual path.

Then the phone rang. Took husband and I awhile to find the phone and then realized it was the school system calling with their new phone service to parents to let us know that school would be operating on a regular schedule today. Too bad that I am not on a regular schedule sleep wise.

Then sometime after that Wishbone decided that she had to go out. I told her that she didn't but she was persistant and Sport wanted in. (Window was closed as it is cold here.) I ignored it but husband could not. He went to open the window and let the cats in. He turned around and tripped over the pile of magazines that I was going through to throw most of them away. I think he mumbled something.

Sport went back out the window, which is open now. I could not sleep so came downstairs. Sport decided that he could not go back up the tree so kept jumping at the front window. I opened the front door and he ran. He jumped at the front window again and I went outside and dragged him in.

Heinz is awake by this time and has realized that he is missing all the fun. Cat chasing occurs. Husband yells. Heinz runs downstairs. It's now 5:55 am. Alarm goes off in 5 minutes.


east village idiot said...

Wait a minute. Are you talking about your dog climbing a tree?! I just don't believe such a thing!!!

jodi said...

No It's the three cats.