Sunday, January 07, 2007

Let it Snow!

At this time of year I feel like a child who has their nose pressed against the window pane of the candy store. Except instead of the candy store I seek out the Weather Channel website every morning. Will it ever snow? That is the question on my mind. I don't need drifts. Just a dusting (preferably after I get home from work). Just enough that it sticks to my hair and eyelashes. And to Maxine's coat as she enjoys it by rolling around in it on the grass.

Yesterday it was near 70 here and I was in shorts. Today it is more seasonable. I will leave up my wreath that is on my garden gate hoping that it gives promise of a little of what is to come.


east village idiot said...

Okay - break it to me! Are you Julie Andrews? That email couldn't be sweeter!

If I lived in the country, I'd want snow. But snow here becomes gray slush in about two minutes.

And I still haven't recovered from Boston winters which are FAR colder than NYC. You'd walk out your door and get slapped across the face by an artic wind that sent tears down your cheek!

Your wreath is beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

I remember winters in Niagara Falls. My mom liked me to wear dresses to school and swore that pantyhose and a dress (short at that time) were just as warm as a pair of pants. Oh was she wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Were you expecting a chorus of My Favorite Things?! Ha!!