Saturday, January 20, 2007

Truth and Advertising

This morning husband and I got up early to go on a car shopping trip. After spending much time researching all of the possibilities husband decided on a choice of 2 cars that were at the same dealership.

We drove 2 hours which took us through part of horse country (beautiful even in winter) and close to a former presidents house. The wind was fierce and it was colder at our destination than we thought it would be.

Both cars were inspected by us thoroughly. One was advertised as having many things including a radio and leather seats. The leather seats it did have but they were very cracked. The radio was there also but it had been yanked out and put into the trunk. What the car also had but was not advertised was rust in the engine area plus the drivers seat was power driven and would not move. One had to be over 6 ft to drive the car.

The other car had possibilites. At least the interior was together. We hopped into the car and took it to a mechanic down the road for an inspection. Well worth it. Bad struts, an engine mount missing and some really wierd growling noises. $1500 in repairs needed. Car was returned to owners and we left and came back home.

Owners did give us bad vibes when we drove up. Husband bought gas for the car with possibilities at the mini mart next door to the dealership so that we could drive it around. When asked if the owners of the dealership were shady the minimart guy paused for a moment and then mentioned that he liked the dealership across the street better. Hmmmmm.

We are still looking.

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