Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today was

dreary and dark. Work went well in one aspect but not in others. After violin lessons I went out driving past the areas that I like best for a mental pick up.
Stopping at the local post office I noticed a display of statuary and saw this guy.
Can't help but smile when you look at that face.


east village idiot said...

It's so cool how connected you are to nature. I wish I had that in my life.

Anonymous said...

You have Pale Male though. Husband and I were in your area 2 years ago and though we didn't get to see Pale Male we saw Lola and met wonderful people in the park who were so generous about letting us look through their telescopes. I was also impressed by the amount of teenagers who were hanging around also looking through telescopes. Thats when I realized that even though your city is large it had a sense of being a neighborhood.