Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goings on here

I have been asked to make the house ready for a visit by a girl. She will be coming over this weekend sometime to "hang out". So am busy trying to make sure that the two have a good time.

By and large I've liked everyone that the boys have brought home. . . Well there was that one that scared me but the rest that have been over have been quite sweet.

Maxine has stolen a can that held delicious cat food from the cats. Heinz is totally ticked and now that Maxine has been put out and is whining at the front door Heinz is telling her off completely. Even in kitty language it is NOT pretty.

Snoopy is on his small couch in the garage enjoying a bone.

The weather is starting to go downhill. Snow, sleet and rain tomorrow.

S1 found his calculator in the bag of clean clothes that he brought home and did not wear or take out of the bag when he came home.

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east village idiot said...

Hope all goes well with the big date. I'm sure she'll be delighted when she meets you.