Sunday, March 11, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

This weekend we have the movie Little Miss Sunshine in our home and I've
seen it twice - once with each son. S1 and I loved it. (One reason that
S1 liked the movie was the fact that the teenage boy in the story was
into a German philosopher that S1 knew of and could not believe that I
had not heard of). What the philosopher stood for does add something to the story. S2 liked it.

A funny movie - if you can
get past the multiple use of the F word. The mother character was so
well written it was scary. Olive, the little girl, was also well
written. Actions were perfect and the way she dressed was so typical
little girl - shorts with cowboy boots. Conversations between the uncle
and teenage boy were also great.

***Not a movie for children under 16 at all.

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east village idiot said...

I loved that movie and so did my husband!