Sunday, March 18, 2007

No Visitors

this weekend. S2 had a nasty case of viral pinkeye Friday and Saturday - yes he went to school- not using up a precious absence for pinkeye - plus the cold never left. So instead we went to the city an hours north of here (where it was much colder and snowier) to buy clothes for the big band trip on Thursday.

Today S2 is left with just a hacking cough so he was invited to the girl's house to cough at/hack at/meet her family. Heinz and I read a book which I will blog about later and took a couple of naps. I am also cataloging every book I own so that when the big library sale comes next weekend I know what I have and don't buy duplicates.

Snoopy is barking. I wish it was because people were lurking outside my house ready to give me the dream house but it's probably at squirrels or deer.

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