Saturday, March 03, 2007

Trying to keep a quiet

mind when life insists on handing you deadlines, responsibilities, and just the regular day to day mess that one must handle, can be quite difficult. The past two days have been filled with places/things that as a wife, mother and teacher I must be at. Husband had dental surgery that was botched and has to be done again in 4 months after this episode heals, there was a bee keeping class that had to be attended as bear fencing was discussed and that will be a must for me to put up. I picked up S1 and a friend from college yesterday for a week of spring break. A 6 hour drive took much longer due to 3 accidents in a 10 mile stretch.

These were just the highlights.

But I made it home last night in time to get to the High School in the Big City to see S2 play in his symphonic band at 8:30 pm and bring him home. The surgery, though botched, is not life threatening - the hardest part was keeping husband in the car afterwards while getting his prescription filled. (He was a little loopy due to anesthesia). I was able to order my bees. The long drive to get S1 gave me a chance to get to know his friend much better and be thankful that the two boys are such good friends.

My mind is still racing but the weekend is full of NOTHING but maybe a strong conversation or two between boys who want the car at the same time:-).

I hope that you all have a nice weekend.


east village idiot said...

I had a hell week too that left me in tears. I'm finally coming around - it's so nice to read your blog. It really brightens my day - even when you're talking about a crummy week.

Make sure your husband IS EXTRA CAREFUL taking care of his botched surgery situation.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that your week was so bad.
My husband is doing better - face swelling is going down and he will be back at work tomorrow. Pumping him full of antibiotics.