Thursday, April 19, 2007

Even before this

tragedy happened, I had noticed a disturbing trend in blogs. It was to criticize
what was written. Not for a healthy discussion, but to add a poison of
hate and jealousy that I could not imagine. Yes, some people do say
controversial things and will attract controversial replies. But I am
talking about innocent blogs like those that record lives of children
and families. It is spiteful, mean and so uncalled for.

now I have come on something worse. A religious blog that I read, not
posted on my roll, but one that I have found interesting, and some of
it's readers, have said such horrible things about the people involved
in the shootings - the victims - that it boggles the mind. So far off
base and full of spite that I am horrified to think that these writers
have children. I will not be reading them again.

I am a religious person but cannot imagine saying vile things and then saying it's okay because I am a Christian.


DavidofOz said...

It is a dangerous trend to forget the nature of a Blog. It is a public and almost permanent record - even the comments. Would you want your children to read what you have posted in the future?
That's why we always maintain an upbeat blog. Focussing on the negative doesn't achieve anything and and is often counter-productive.
So we're with you!

Anonymous said...

That's one of the reasons that I enjoy your blog so much. It's not only informative but positive as well.