Thursday, May 03, 2007

Coffee and Naps

Husband and S1 were talking about naps the other day. S1 mentioned how, when he and his brother were little, that when I took a nap I would tell the boys that the reason that I was so tired was that I was actually a P*werpuff girl and during the night I was awake trying to save the world.

Well, today I have found the magic answer to taking a nap. It's the 3 plus cups of coffee that I have had today. One for breakfast and the rest when S1 and I went out to lunch. The waitress - very sweet- told us that she absolutely hated it when restaurants only gave one cup of coffee. When the third refill came I decided that we needed to leave before I drank all of that one and she gave me a fourth!!!


east village idiot said...

Why do I get so disoriented when people change their page format? I'm just too slow for the times. I love your pictures of the outdoors. What a blessing to be near nature like that.

I laughed reading about your resident vegetarian. My husband was a vegetarian for 10 years (he ate fish). I felt so liberated when he finally bit into meat again. (although he never did give up fried chicken). Hummus is delicous I always have some in my fridge and live a stone's through from three cafes who make is fresh. Believe it or not there is a store called Hummus on St. Mark's Place that is a cafe that offers fifteen types of hummus. You pour a circle of olive on top of the hummus. It's great with vegtables - but I'm sure you can get it in the grocery store these days.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking at other blogs, and the authors do so many creative things that I've been playing a lot with mine. I did try changing the HTML which was almost a BIG disaster. Better left to a teenager:-)