Thursday, May 10, 2007

May Madness

"Out of sane" was a term that S1 coined when he was little. Insane did not make any sense to him. How could anyone who was obviously not right be insane. Out of sane made so much more sense.

The month of May is Out of Sane. Too many obligations even for those of us who thought that we really didn't sign up for this much stuff at the beginning of the year, did we?
There are the work functions - 3 picnics for me, end of the year gifts to put together, finalizing expense reports, etc. The school functions - end of the year picnics, meetings, volunteer luncheons to cater. And the home front. Exams are coming up, the garden needs to go in, animals need to be kept happy etc. It makes one just want to run somewhere screaming. The only problem is that most of the world would be running with me.

Tempers are shorter or maybe its just my imagination - no I, don't think so. I don't think that I actually had on my happy face last night when I had to explain at a meeting why the b*nd could not wear tee shirts for graduation and why they had to dress up for the occasion. Formal occasion - duh!!! (I left out the duh part.)

I look forward to June. Saying goodbye to the last child at school, getting energized for next school year. I will forget all about the month of May as the summer progresses. In the fall, students and teachers will excitedly greet each other, parents will sign up for volunteer work with smiles on their faces, and the world will get back into rhythm once more.

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east village idiot said...

Hopefully the bees will still be around by September!! god willing