Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday's Show and Tell

It's Show and Tell at Kelli's again today. Take a peek. There are some great show and tell photos - and stories to go with them.

My show and tell this week is small. Actually it's 4 small things and they are the reason that our family will not be grilling for awhile. A wren has set up home in our grill. I never would have noticed them if it wasn't for Snoopy our Pointer/Beagle mix who lived up to his genetic base and pointed his nose right in there.

Aren't they cute?


Susan said...

My husband loves the birds. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Trella said...

Oh my goodness. So cute and I am you noticed them in time.

Unknown said...

In your grill? Are you kidding me? How unique! Keep us posted on your little birdie family.

Kelli said...

Oh, they are so sweet! I'm glad you noticed them in time, I'll bet they will grow up fast!!


Myrna said...

How sweet! I hope you show us pictures of them as they grow up and leave the nest.

Anonymous said...

How cute! It will be fun to watch them grow.


Cute little babie Birds!!
I Love your idea about a Show & Tell!! I may steal your idea if You don't mind :o)

jodi said...

go to Kelli's sight (that is mentioned in my blog) and do the Friday Show and Tell through her.