Friday, June 29, 2007

Show and Tell - More Bird Baby Photos


It's Friday Show and Tell again at
Kelli's and I thought that I would update you on last weeks show and tell. There are only 3 birds, not 4. Growing so fast. I am amazed at how fast the wren plumage is coming in. Snoopy, the bird dog, is quite excited about the 3 so has to be watched carefully. He puts his nose in the grill every morning to "check things out."
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Anonymous said...

Snoopy is living up to his name! Now, what are you going to do on July 4th without a BBQ?

Cheryl said...

I would love to see a photo from a distance showing the nest in the b.b.q.... :-)sounds so cute!

Susan said...

Had to call my bird loving hubby in to have a look at these!

Marci said...

They are so cute. Are they in your BBQ grill? Also, is the picture at the top of your blog your farm?

Disney for Boys said...

How sweet and what a plce to make a home!

Have a great weekend!

jodi said...

lana - I think that the burgers will be cooked on the stove. Will have to check the grill on the 4th.

Cheryl - I do need to get a photo of the grill. I've just tried to take quick photos and shut the grill asap fearing the mama bird might sense danger from me and not come back.

Penless - glad that husband enjoys the photos.

marci - they are in the BBQ grill :-) I wish that the farm was mine but it is a photo of one near where I pick raspberries.

Mary L. Briggs said...

They are growing up!

There was a Phoebe couple checking out the posts on our front porch area this morning~I hope they come back!

Kelli said...

Awww..they are getting so big!! Enjoy them because they will be having their first flying lesson soon!

... said...

how cute.

i found the placement of your pictures humurous. you have a picture of your cat just to the right of the picture of the birds. and the cat looks like he's looking over at those birdies with some mischievious thoughts =)

Unknown said...

Good dog, Snoopy!

I had to laugh WITH you as I read your previous post about the inside out shirt!