Monday, July 02, 2007

Pillow Talk


So many bloggers have taken the time to show garage sale items, craft items etc that I thought that I would start showing some of my own.

The pillow is actually a quilt piece that I found at an estate sale. I put a backing on it and turned it into a pillow. Isn't the workmanship on this great? I love crazy quilts but don't have the patience/know how to put one together. Have two more pieces of quilt but they are smaller and have stains on them. Hopefully the cleaners can get them out.
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east village idiot said...

Any quilt that you set out to make would be totally beautiful. You should give it a try one day.

jodi said...

I have made some quilts. But none in the crazy quilt style. I love the way it's done and the fabrics used.