Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday's Show and Tell

Today is show and tell over at Kelli's . Take a look at her beautiful quilt and what others have to share.

My items today were bought at a flea market in New Hampshire while I was on vacation this summer. I've been going to the same flea market/dealer for years and she always has interesting items.

The fabric on the left is from Ghana. The small red and yellow stiches (which seem to show up purple and yellow on my photo) denote the tribe of the gentleman who wore the blanket. The fabric on the right is from a region near Nepal. It is a money belt. The man who wore this would twist the belt so that it would hold money. Then it would be worn around his waist.

The money belt I may use as a runner on my diningroom table. The other fabric I'm not sure about.


Susan said...

Lovely, colorful pieces.

Anonymous said...

The colors are great! I like the table runner idea.

Anonymous said...

those are great fabrics. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

How unique! Love the colors.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Interesting items. How clever to use the money belt for a table runner!


Kelli said...

Such wonderful colors! Thank you for sharing!