Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear Teachers,

Last night at Open House several of you asked us to write about our children. It was a difficult assignment as 1.we only had 10 minutes with you to hear about the class and 2. it was hard to pay attention to you and to think of something that didn't sound like every other parent. I choose to listen and write something inane.

Here is what I wish that I had said.

S2 is one of the funniest people that I know. He is quick witted but not a comedian and his eyes actually shine right before the comic event.

My son also is a truly nice person. Gentle with people no matter what the age. Thoughtful too. Thinks about others and what he can do for them.

He is not a doormat however. In freshman biology, the teacher could not keep control of the class and one child in the class that sat next to S2 had a reputation of being quite annoying (this had been going on for years). The biology teacher realized this but could/would do nothing. One day S2 picked up the other child's books and walked them across the room where he slammed them onto a desk. When asked why he did it S2 replied that the other child was quite bothersome. Keep control of your class. Also, keep track of the papers that he does turn in. He is not a happy camper when you pull his papers out of a stack and yell "Look what I've found."

S2 adores his older brother and they are extremely close. HOWEVER, he is not his older brother. Don't expect him to be. (And no, his brother does not walk on water like some of you thought.)

He is smart but has yet to fully realize his potential. It comes out pieces but is not consistent. He loves computers and has taught himself quite a bit - more than the computer class at your school teaches, which is why he didn't take that class.

In 9th grade his father and I were worried. S2 had stopped hanging around with his group of friends and was doing a lot of stuff solo. We had a talk and he assured me that he was fine, just trying to find new friends that didn't drink or use drugs. "It's hard Mom," he said. He was right. He is fine and it was hard.

Our son can sing beautifully. If you were at the spring musical you already know that. He plays the trumpet and can do art well but doesn't see the sense in art at this time. S2 runs fast but has the opinion of why to do something that is only going to make you gasp for breath when you are finished.

He dresses well. If you remember me from last night you will realize that he doesn't come by this genetically.

Seriously, you are getting a great child. The worst thing that he will do is lose a few assignments and maybe do badly on a test.

See you in 8 weeks or so for conference night.


east village idiot said...

He sounds beautiful. I'll take him!

jodi said...

Thanks, he is a good kid.