Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Pumpkin Story

I did not decorate the outside of the house this year for Halloween. No carved pumpkins, hay bales, graveyard, lights, ghosts hanging from trees etc. No real interest from occupants of our house this year and I decided that it was more of a pain in the butt than it was worth. After all no one comes down our street and the only kids who see the display are the neighbor children on either side of us.

About 10:15 last night there was a loud pounding at the front door. S2 would not let me open the front door and though he looked out and saw nothing except for Maxine walking around the front yard he still did not want me to open the door.
I opened the door anyway and to my amazement there was a carved pumpkin on my front porch with a candle lit inside. There are not enough words to express my delight at receiving this gift. It's a big one too so it took some lugging to get to our front door and I am so touched.
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east village idiot said...

What a great story.