Thursday, December 13, 2007


Heinz is spending some of his awake time underneath the Christmas tree yowling. Must seem like the jungle to a cat that rarely goes outside.

Picked up S1 from college yesterday. I hate trucks (think I've said that before) but I will repeat myself as I really hate them and interstate 81. Stopped at a rest area and noticed that the woman who followed me into the facilities was talking to herself. Then I saw the headgear for her phone. She talked ON the phone while using the bathroom. That makes me so ill.

My kids at school are wild. I had to put two boys in timeout today - mainly to give me a break. The two like to hug, wrestle and the one has started biting. The timeout chairs were close to each other but not close enough for physical contact. The one child yelled out to me "Miss - I can't reach him". Duh, thats the idea :-)

I sang at the Handels Messiah sing-in Tuesday night. So much fun but as the woman sitting next to me said - "It's hard to describe how I feel coming here to people who don't attend." Amen.

No Christmas cards bought yet. I'm in charge of dessert tomorrow for the teacher party. Have the first of 3 class parties.

The header today is a photo of the city where my brother lives. Someone will be shoveling tonight.


east village idiot said...

I HATE when people use their cell phones in the bathroom. It makes me crazy. Hope you're enjoying the christmas season.

Jodi Ohl said...

Sounds like you need a calgon day!!!
The kids are restless and teacher needs a break. I can totally relate. I am finally getting a break from work--long overdue as everyone is annoying me that I come into contact with..LOL. It's not them really, it's the stress I've put on myself I'm sure. just breathe and count to ten I tell myself!