Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13th

I have been off work the past two days - yesterday to get over a bad cold and today school was canceled due to ice. I've taken naps, worked on Valentines for school, pet cats and a silly dog, worked on Valentine surprises for tomorrow, baked cookies etc. It's good to take a breather when life is crappy and a second day is a lovely gift. I will be full of energy tomorrow to have a party, work on messy crafts, play with toys, dispute arguments, help friends to remember to keep the crayons ON the table, take friends who have almost waited TOO long to the bathroom, wipe tears, help put on 15 coats AND find that special toy that had to come to school to help make life better that will be missing 2 minutes before dismissal.

Can't wait. I'm ready.

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