Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spare Time

S2 has been quite concerned about what his father and I are doing with our free time now that he has gone away to school. I can understand the concern. After his brother went away to college we informed S2, half teasing, that we were going to focus all of our attention on him. We did things for ourselves, but . . . a good part of our attention was on our youngest.

I brought S2 home for the day on Sunday and he went around the house looking at each room to see what was new. I found it amusing as I do that when I go to my parents house. Apple does not fall far from the tree.

What I have been doing with my spare time or at least a small part of it is painting/collage making. The above picture is mine, the stem on the pumpkin is made out of paper, there are real acorn caps glued on the canvas and I've used wooden ornaments to give the picture some depth.

I am not a Picasso, or Lucy at But I am enjoying myself and will be painting more.
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Jane said...

Love it! I do the same thing when I go home to my parents house. How fun to take on new crafts. Love the acorns & wooded elements on that collage.

Jodi Ohl said...

lol--Picasso or Lucy, you are too much! I love it your painting and I'm honored you mentioned me. I can tell you J-that painting is very meditative and you will enjoy seeing the progress of your explorations as you do more and more of it. I love pumpkins and fall items, your piece is lovely!! Keep it up!

((I do the same thing at my Mom's also make sure she puts up whatever I've given her!)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!I was browsing blogs, Im new here and found your page.Love that.

jodi said...


Thanks for stopping by.