Tuesday, December 09, 2008

H is for Handy Husband

Our mudroom area has always looked awful. Near husband's head (on the right side) you can see part of the wallpaper that was on the walls. It was horrible and this is coming from a person who really likes wallpaper. But this was dingy, coming away from the walls in part. There is little natural light in this area of the house which added to the feeling of yuch when we came in the back door.

My wish has always been to make the room look like it came from a farm house. And now my dream is coming true. We found great beadboard that snaps together and you can glue and then nail it to the wall. I have visions of semi gloss white painted in this area. And maybe warm cozy feelings when we enter the house.
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Jane said...

That is going to be so nice! I love beadboard. What a nice early present!