Saturday, December 20, 2008

I had not

meant for a week to go by without blogging but it did. What was I doing? Trying not to pay attention to the calendar for one thing. Though last night I sat in the kitchen writing Christmas cards. And sending out my usual email to my brother and mother which may have said something like "What is cousin S's married last name or what is J's address or what is . . . ." and feeling the vibes from north and south - why don't you just write things down each year?

Friday was the last day of school for TWO weeks. It rained most of this week which meant little recess time. The one day that we were talking about shapes (circles) I may have opened the door to the playground (when it wasn't raining) and told them that I wanted them to run two circles around the playground (a small area). As they ran out the door I swear I heard the room breathe a sigh of relief.

The boys are now home. Girlfriends will be coming after Christmas. They are meeting friends to go to concerts, out to lunch, shopping etc. (Or sleeping until noon). Though I like the house when it is quiet, I like the noise of life that they bring home with them.

Hope that your holiday season is going well also.

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Tins and Treasures said...

I know...I had let the blog go for a couple of days and our oldest daughter said, "Mom, you haven't blogged forever". So I guess they really do look at it!
You're out of school?! You lucky duck. We still have two days left in this term...I wish I could let my Freshmen boys out the door to run a couple of circles in the parking lot...
I agree...I like the sounds of the kids in the house...we, too, will have daughters and boyfriends around till Jan. 10th. I love it!!