Friday, December 12, 2008

J is for Joyous Music

This year marked the 41st anniversary of the Messiah Sing Along at the local university. The same gentleman has been leading the group for all of these years.

For the price of a $5 ticket anyone who wants to come and sing or play and instrument may. And we do sing and play. Songs are practiced until we get them right. But it is done with a sense of humor and respect for the conductor.
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John M. Spangler said...

How awesome a record and how wonderful for your community!

May I know who this gentleman is and where the sing along is based? I would like to include the information on my infant blog SING-ALONG MESSIAH -- this has to be record!

Our local sing-along is this Sunday afternoon. This past Tuesday I heard a magnificent performance on period instruments by Apollo's Fire while I was visiting in the Cleveland area.

MESSIAH forever and ever!

John Spangler