Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moose and Breakfast (no squirrel)

For the past two mornings we (husband and I) have had breakfast at the diner with the big moose. Yesterday with S2 and girlfriend and today with S1 and girlfriend. It's a very eclectic place decoration wise. The waitresses call you honey and dear. Coffee is limitless, the service is fast and the food is good. Like having a good breakfast at home but even better as you don't have to cook it.

No real plans for tonight. Husband had to work today and is feeling under the weather. The wind is blowing incredibly hard making it seem colder than it is. Seems like a good day to stay at home.
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The Three Little Bears said...

I love having breakfast at places like that! In fact, we have a place close to our home with a moose head too. Great food!