Tuesday, December 23, 2008

T is for Tree, U is for Under

T is for Tree. Part of the Christmas giving to me was a surprise. Husband agreed to cut down this huge pine tree. Actually I love the tree but it is starting to lean and will take away part of the house when it falls. So . . . we are waiting for the tree guys. They could not come last week due to rain. Supposed to be here at 8 this morning but it is frigidly cold here in VA. Luckily the tree is only leaning a little so we have time.

Christmas trees look so much better in person than they do in photos. Guess it's the magic that can't be captured. But this is to talk about what is under the tree.

The sales after Thanksgiving were insane and after years of dealing with the printer we have, I decided to buy myself a new one. Yes, I did. S1 set it up last night and today we have to get some ink so that he can make his girlfriend a photo album.
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