Friday, January 30, 2009

One of

the odd things about me is that I like Christmas news letters. Why you ask? Aren't they just full of bragging and silliness?


But every family that sends out a letter has been through some real crap at some point in their lives. And I keep that in mind as I read about honors that their children have gotten, vacations that they are on and how rosy things are now.

I know how hard their lives have been/little things that will make parts of their lives always a little difficult to wake up in the morning to. And I rejoice that there are good parts in their lives that make them smile.

Thank you all for the smiles that you gave me yesterday. I rejoice in all of them. We are hearing so many awful things now that it's nice to have reminders that life isn't all crappy and there is good in life and much to be thankful for.


Tins and Treasures said...

Great perspective...
How is your son feeling? Natalie

Nan said...

Have you ever read The Christmas Letters by Lee Smith? Quite wonderful, and about this very subject.

The Three Little Bears said...

What a great perspective! Thank you for sharing.

Ellen said...

I'm with you!