Saturday, January 24, 2009

Road Trip

For our book club we are reading about this farm in Swoope, VA ( I will tell you the book's name after the event as I don't advertise at work that I have a blog.) My coteacher and I decided that we needed to pay a visit largely because we like the book, I'm leading the discussion (no one else would), the farm is reasonably close by and we wanted to try to generate some excitement at the meeting. - Most of our colleagues won't read it. Too much like a textbook they say.

The farm is SO well run. In the book it mentions how there are few flies on the cows in June - largely due to the farm manager's and owner's knowledge of symbiosis. An example - In the photo above the rabbits are raised for food. When they are fed they poop which lands where chickens are. The poop is high in nutrients. The chickens eat the poop. Keeps the area clean, free from an ammonia smell and everyone benefits.

This goose laid the golden egg or at least she thought so. Lots of hissing when anyone got too close.

Some of the pigs just wandered around. Here is one that decided that I didn't smell like food so she moved on.
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Tins and Treasures said...

Wow, how many chickens are there? I grew up on a farm, and our chicken coop didn't look anything like that!

Jane said...

That is really something! I will have to check out that book sometime. I come from a family of farmers (grandparents, aunts etc...) Their farm smelled! They called me City Girl. I love to read any book about people doing a job well.