Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Giveaway

My blog posting lately has been almost non-existent. I could write more but I don't think that you want to hear in detail about the ultrasound that I had to check for ovarian cancer. (It came out fine!!!) Just a little stressful.

So to celebrate I'm having a giveaway.

I loved this book. And somehow I ended up with 2 of them.

Here is part of what is says on the back cover:

In this charming and beautifully written memoir, we meet Catherine Goldhammer, newly separated and starting life anew in a cottage by the sea, in a town where live bait is sold from vending machines. Against all logic, partly to please her precocious twelve-year-old daughter and partly for reasons not clear to her at the time, she begins this year of transition by purchasing six baby chickens-whose job, she comes to suspect, is to pull her and her daughter forward, out of one life and into another.

So, if you want to put your name in for the drawing leave a message on my blog. A simple hi will do. And I will send it anywhere. I will draw the name Friday afternoon.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Good news from your ultrasound...yeah!.....have a great week.............LindaMay

Jane said...

Whew! Glad your ultra sound came out fine. That is scary. The book sounds good.

Bonnie said...

Came to you via Letters from Hill Farm and there you have a giveaway!
Well, ....I'll be!


Ellen said...

What the f*ck??? Are you kidding me?
I am SOOOO glad you are okay.

Go buy your favorite bottle of booze and get bombed - pronto. Just don't mess with the beehive if your drunk!

so glad your well!!!!


Tins and Treasures said...

I, too, am so glad to hear your report from the doctor is OK. I had been worried about you here. Thanks for entering my name in your give-away. Take care, Natalie

Nan said...

I'm so glad you are alright, Jodi. Very, very scary to go through.

Don't put my name in for the book, since I've read it, and actually did a book report on it.

And she has a new book!