Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Valentine's gift from husband was a massage. I have never had one but lately my back and shoulders have been so tight and so achy in addition to some stress that I've been carrying around. When I would get up in the morning my shoulders would feel like they were hunched up to my ears.

So this afternoon I drove a mile to the little office for my 3:15 appointment. - And not a moment too soon as it turned out. Think an interesting day with a group of 5 year olds with possible early spring fever (70 degrees today). 3 were in timeout before the pledge was even said. One child had temper tantrums the likes I've never seen (and I've seen some pretty good ones). And then there was a MASSIVE nosebleed. - So

for an hour this afternoon I enjoyed hot rock treatment, massive shoulder work and a general massage. I feel somewhat better (as I told husband it may take more than one :-).

A wonderful and much appreciated present.

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Jane said...

Ahhh! That sounds nice. Glad you enjoyed some pampering. On occasion we will microwave a few rocks for just a tiny bit (they heat up fast) and play spa. Not nearly the same as a pro tho!