Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Flat Stanley

My class is heavily into Flat Stanley right now. I started a journal for the class that each child and their family write in when Flat Stanley (which I made) comes to visit their house. It's so cute it hurts. Pictures of Flat Stanley dressed in pj's, FS making snow angels, eating dinner, meeting the family pets, being buckled into the car. The families have just embraced it and one dad mentioned about how much fun it was.

One child felt that FS should have flat food. Makes sense. So she made the food above. The square on the left is about an inch long. It's a ham and cheese sandwich!! I love my class!
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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Several years another life....we had FS visit the district office of the school board...he had his picture taken with all the big chief's and then learned to drive a school bus....what fun watching "Adults" with a flat piece of paper that looked like a boy.......

Love this project.....LindaMay

Jane said...

So so cute!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

'FS' is such a cute project. I first saw it, on a "Daily Pic of Your City" blog I was on. Someone sent a 'FS' to this lady, and she took him with her for awhile... Photographing him, in all sorts of places. And posted her pics.

Suppose she sent them back to her friend's class too, or something. :-) And returned him too.

Your work day must be a joy!!!

Aunt Amelia
"If not now, when?"
~~Rabbi Hillel