Monday, April 13, 2009

Words without Photos

I will not have my camera back until Thursday so I cannot take photos of the following:

--the new windows in my back room. When we moved in the top half of the windows had broken seals and were so foggy that we couldn't see out of them. AND we could not open most of them either.

Today is the two week anniversary of the installment and we are finally allowed to open the windows. It is wonderful. I have moved my craft things into this room and now I can watch the doves build a nest in the fir trees next to the window. I can see the sky and hear the birds. The cats are thoroughly enjoying being able to go in and out, especially Heinz who only likes to venture a little way from home and who needs to take his time when going out to make sure that the world is safe.

Sport is unhappy as now his brother can share his domain.

--the flowers that I bought at the nursery on Saturday. Big hyacinths for only 11.99. (So I got 2).

--the special dessert that I bought from a Serbian woman at the city market. It tastes similar to a chocolate eclair cake but not as sweet. Had bits of orange in it. Think that I may be going back for that.


Jane said...

OK, so that last part had me running to the kitchen to fetch a bit of sweet something! Glad you are able to enjoy new windows this spring.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Even without pics, I can feel how lovely it is for you {and for kitty} to have these windows! Oh my yes. I so love an outside view. And sunlight streaming in. :-)

Please do go back and get some more of this woman's baking. And have an extra piece, for me.

'Aunt Amelia'