Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trip to Blacksburg

Yesterday I spent the day in Blacksburg with 2 goals in mind. One was to have lunch with S1 and the other to buy plants from the Horticulture Club plant sale. I remember my Horticulture class with great fondness and like to support such endeavors.

The plants were a bit pricey but I got some interesting ones that I will post later. Lunch with my son consisted of our favorite smoothies. He then took me over to the Architecture building which is so very cool. There was a spot inside about the size of a large gymnasium and it was filled with work spaces and students working on various projects. To be able to have such a wonderfully creative space must be amazing. Then he went to TA his Japanese class and take a test for another one.

Meanwhile I took photos and visited some 2nd hand shops in town. Prices are so much better there. I will post photos from my find later also.

Then I came home. He will home in 12 days. His brother this Friday.

The school year went fast.
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